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This tutorial covers the Elective area of the Test Management Body of Knowledge (TMBOK) required for the Certified Test Manager (CTM) certification. This tutorial also covers the Elective area of the Certified Software Test Professional requirements.

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The database component is a critical piece of any data-enabled application. Today’s intricate mix of client-server and Web-enabled database applications are extremely difficult to Test productively. Testing at the data access layer is the point at which your application communicates with the database. Tests at this level are vital to improve not only your overall Test strategy, but also your product’s quality. In this course you will learn the basics you will need to productively and effectively Test database applications.

  • Module 1 Database Testing Concepts Primer
    • The Database Component : What is a Database Application?
    • Testing at the Database layer
    • Why should Test professionals know DB Basics?
    • The DB component:What is a Data-Based Application?
    • Back end vs. Front End Testing
    • Examining the data’s round trip through the app
    • Common problems in Relational Databases that affect the Database Application
    • Testing the Application vs. Testing the DBMS
    • Knowledge Requirements for Database Testing
    • Test Plan: Organizing your approach
    • Data must pass Quality Assurance too!
    • Test Set up
  • Module 2 Relational Database Basics for Testing
    • Why should Test professionals know Relational DB basics?
    • What’s a relational database?
    • Types of Data Integrity
    • Lack of data integrity introduces bugs
    • Identifying Design Defects
    • Inspecting table structures to reveal design problems
    • Exploratory Testing: Reading an ERD
    • Table Relationships: 1-1, 1-many, many-to-many
    • What to look for when Testing Relational Databases
  • Module 3: Data Normalization Bugs
    • What bugs are caused by improperly normalized databases
    • Understanding Normalization:First, 2nd and 3rd Normal Form
    • Understanding Denormalization
    • Identifying poor design; developing Test cases
  • Module 4: Introduction to SQL
    • Why should Test professionals know Structured Query Language?
    • SQL essentials
    • Basic SQL statements for Testing