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This tutorial covers area 1 of the Certified Software Test Professional requirements. This tutorial also covers the Elective area of the Test Management Body of Knowledge (TMBOK) required for the Certified Test Manager (CTM) certification.

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Whether you have performed testing for a number of years or have just started, this is a course you really need to take. You will be exposed to a number of testing practices; some of which will likely be new to you. Drawing on his over 30 years of experience with all aspects of the software process, Dr. Hanna will use real life examples to illustrate every point. The course will introduce you to a Scenario-Based test design methodology. The course also covers the different types of testing performed at each phase of the software lifecycle and the issues involved in these types of tests, clarifies testing terminology, and much more.

  • Module 1: Concepts and Terminology
    • Purpose of Software Testing
    • Testing defined
    • Testing concepts and test design methodology
    • Requirements
    • Scenarios and scenario-based development and testing
    • Test cases
    • Test scripts/procedures
    • Strategies for Software Testing
    • Black box/Glass box/Gray box testing
  •  Module 2: Best Software Testing Practices
    • Testing without requirements or with poor requirements
    • Coping with fast pace incremental and highly iterative development processes
    • Quality requirements: the unspoken of and the untestable
    • Pre-designed tests Vs ad hoc testing
    • Systematic Negative Testing (no guessing)
    • Tracking your test execution progress for effective status reporting
    • Getting the most out of your Regression Testing
    • Understanding the Test process: Test Planning, Test Design, and Test Execution
    • Different Test Automation tools
    • Static Testing
  • Module 3: Testing levels
    • Unit testing
    • Integration testing
    • System testing
    • Major areas of systems testing
    • Usability and GUI testing
    • GUI navigation diagrams
    • User acceptance