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Course Testimonials

Comments were collected from feedback forms for IIST courses.

Advanced Principles of Software Test Automation
Best Practices in Software Test Planning and Design
Building QA Function Step by Step
Credibly Estimating Resource-Constrained Projects
Developing Reusable Test Designs
Effective Requirements for Effective Testing
Effective Test Design
Effective Test Management
Establishing a CMM-Compliant Measurement Program
Free Seminar: Disciplined Software Testing Practices
How to Choose a Testing Tool
How to Implement Test Automation
Improving Software Quality with Inspections and Reviews
Introduction to Process Definition

Integrating Exploratory Testing into a Disciplined Test Design Process
Leading Culture Change in Software Organizations
Managing and Measuring Functional Requirements
Managing the Software Testing Process
Managing the Software Testing Process: People & Politics
Managing the Software Testing Process: Tools & Techniques
Practical Techniques for Software Quality Assurance
Principles of Software Test Automation
Principles of Software Testing
Programming and Database Concepts for Testing and QA Professionals
Requirements Based Testing
Requirements Management with Use Cases
Risk-Based Testing
Risk Based Testing: How to Identify and Select the Most Important Tests
Software Inspections and Reviews for QA Professionals
Software Inspection & Reviews: A Process Oriented Approach
Software Inspections for Testers
Software Quality Assurance & Quality Control Methods and Techniques
Software Test Automation: Architecture and Implementation
Software Test Planning & Design
Software Testing Fundamentals and Best Practices
Tailoring Software Metrics to Meet Your Information Needs
Test Design Based on Use Cases
Test Planning Workshop
Testing in Agile and Extreme Projects
Testing Web and eBusiness Applications
Testing Object-Oriented Applications for QA Professionals
The Ten Commandmands of Disciplined Software Testing Practices
User Acceptance Testing
Writing Test Plans
Writing Testable Requirements

[Advanced Principles of Software Test Automation]

"Excellent!! I really learned a lot."
Vanessa Hubbard

[Best Practices in Software Test Planning and Design]

"I learned much more than expected. I have two projects that I plan to try the scenario/requirement approach on."
Sharon Henry, First Data

"Dear Dr. Hanna,

Hello, my name is Teri Wynn.  I just finished your 3 day seminar for Best Practices in Software Test Planning and Design (CSTP #1 & 2 or Elective).  

I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.  The presentation was very professional and enjoyable. I can say I have not enjoyed many webinars or recorded seminars from others in the past, but you kept it interesting!

I have been in QA for 10 years, but learned so much from your class!  I can really understand the importance of early involvement during the requirements validation phase. I just want to express - You have made me excited about QA and have provided me with techniques and information to share with my Project Team. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Teri Wynn"

"Dr. Hanna was an excellent leader for our group. He is a ‘no-nonsense, let’s get it done and accurately’ type of person. I enjoy that in a training class, and in the work place! "
Laurie Nanfito – First Data

"I just completed my courses and exams for my CSTP-Practioner and CSTP -Master level. I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed them very much, the instructors were very knowledgeable experts in their fields. I know I will use the knowledge I have gained in my day to day testing. I also appreciated the help you provided me in my CSTP-Associate level."
Mona Jackson - Manitoba eHealth

"I am now able and confident with the new tools that I have learned how to obtain high level business requirements and the tools necessary to write some very good test cases. Great class. Easy to follow the presentation. Was able to hear interactions between the student and teacher during the class. This enabled me to have many of my questions answered. The instructor is very knowledable on this subject and is available during the course for questions. We just finished up a 2 year workflow project and I wish we would have taken this course prior to doing so. I would love to rewind the clock and do it over again in a more professional manner, but we will now because of this training.

It was absolutely amazing on how many topics that you touched on that I and my team can use from this point forward to help our company in testing software. We just finished up a 2 year workflow project and I wish we would have taken this course prior to doing so. I can’t even guess how many duplicate test cases and sets we wrote. I would love to rewind the clock and do it over again in a more professional manner, but we will now because of this training. All of the “roadblocks” that you mentioned about developers, environments, assumptions, etc., fit to the bill about how our processes go at our company. I can tell you have had many experiences and you have professionally tailored this class for our need based on these experiences. Well done! Everyone on our staff will take this class. I just happen to be the first one.

"I can’t wait for my manager to take this course, so that we may sit down and come up with plans of action how we can test our software more proficiently. I can guarantee you that I will highly recommend this course to anyone, and I will recommend our staff to further our education process with IIST."
Tom Martin - Mid Continent Group

"I learned a better way to work and add value to my projects and team"

"Great experience. Lot of information to bring back to my team. Surprised the testing difficulties all testers seem to have are very common."

"I really enjoyed the class and learned a great deal!! I would definetly recommend this class to others who want to learn more about software testing practices"

"The course was good and very helpful. After this course I gained the confidence that I can be a great tester if I follow what was learned in this class."

"This course would be highly beneficial to management in order to understand the depth of testing that is needed to test correctly. Great class."

"This is an excellent instructor. The material covered in this course will help me a lot in my position on the test team at my work place."

"The course was excellent! The instructor gave easy to follow instructions. He was very knowledgeable and demonstrated a great deal of experience with testing."

"The instructor was very entertaining and informative, a really great speaker full of knowledge in the testing area"

"Great experience. Lot of information to bring back to my team. I was surprised how many testers have the same common problems."

"Material delivered was very helpful for future testing. Great suggestions and information."

"Instructor was very professional and encouraged participation. He generated a high level of learning as well as entertainment for everyone. Thanks!!!"

"I really enjoyed this course. What could have been a very dry three days was made very interesting."

"I learned much more than I expected to, and we had some very good discussions."

"Instructor was very engaged with the audience. Kept it interesting. Made sure to include everyone in conversations (questions). Breakout sessions with smaller groups for exercise is a good idea. "

"Instructor was excellent with many years of expertise in the field. "


[Building QA Function Step by Step]

"This has been the best session I have attended. I would go out of my way to attend another."
Catie Andrews

"By far, this was one of the best seminars that I have had the opportunity to attend."
Helen Gershin

"This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Time flew by and learned a ton of information."

"Outstanding instructor. She makes a subject that could be very dry exciting. Great Attitude!"

"Very good presentation. There was so much energy that it stayed interesting the whole time."

[Credibly Estimating Resource-Constrained Projects]

"Top notch, some good lessons for me to teach my own management."

[Developing Reusable Test Designs]

"After taking this class I have learned many ways to implement new and effective ways to add structure to my organization."

[The Ten Commandments of Disciplined Software Testing Practices]

"Thank you for these sessions. Tremendous amount of details a valuable info - a free day of learning was well worth the time"

"You are an awesome teacher and communicator. I really enjoyed the presentation and looking forward to the training"

"Very Knowledgable instructor and I like your unique teaching style. Very Interesting. I enjoyed the instructor's unique perspective on requirement based testing, etc. I will be attending one of your three day classes", Mohamoud Mohamoud, Old Republic Title Company.


"Great experience"

"The presentation gave me some new ideas and reinforced visiting practices I do in my testing. It was great and very informative and presented more substantial information than expected in a half-day seminar. Instructor was a great presenter. This course was as good as his courses I have taken."

"I expected more of a marketing workshop � was pleased to find out it was a testing class."
Stephen A. Cook, Saber Inc.

"Instructor is an excellent speaker that successfully conveys the course material thoroughly with or slides and his personal experiences."
Joe Dreizler, EDS

"Instructor able to relate the material to practical use, not just hypothetical examples."

"The information provided was helpful and concise. I learned some things that I did not know and was motivated to do a better job and encourage my team and other teams."
Yolonda Kennedy, PBSG

"Very informative seminar, extremely knowledgeable instructor."

"For a high-level overview I was quiet impressed."

"The website did a good job of describing that this was not going to be a marketing presentation. I was glad to learn how true that was and glad to take away a great amount of info."
Andrew D'Armond, Digital Consulting & Software Services

"I was expecting more marketing but the class was very informative and educational."

"Just a very positive experience"

"Very good experience � I've been involved in testing over 10 years and I learned many concepts that I will incorporate in my test activities."

"This course was beneficial to me and I look forward to learning more with IIST."
Eric Zimmerman, True Automation Inc.

"This was excellent! Great for new folks in software testing."

"A valuable seminar. I came away with several new ideas for improved testing."
Geryl Gilbert , TX Attorney General

"Great information Great Instructor"

"Thanks, this was a wonderful experience. It confirmed some thoughts on how we do business but also taught me things I didn't know."

"Very interesting class. I have learned much from the classes I have attended."

[Effective Requirements for Effective Testing]

"Enjoyed the instructor! I enjoyed their interesting, informal, and interactive approach to teaching."

"Thank you!! I spent an entire semester in school angry and thinking "This is useless!" In a few hours you took things that were painfully abstract and put them in the context of the real world."
Jason Hill

"Great class! I learned a lot!"

"Very enjoyable class. A lot of information presented in a user friendly way."
Nancy Clemons

"Just right for 1 day. Very good."

[Effective Test Design]

"I appreciated the level of knowledge that the instructor had. he was able to explain and defend his comments to both our testers and our software developers."

"I have so many ideas now - I see many process improvements coming!"

"Great teacher, very interesting and informative."

"The instructor is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker who colorfully illustrates class information with "real world" examples."

"This was such a great learning opportunity and my understanding on the matter has increased 100%! I could listen to this speaker for hours and not get bored and walk away and know my knowledge on the subject was greatly increased."

"I enjoyed the class very much and am anxious to use a couple of the techniques in the near future."
Jolene Nerdahl

[Effective Test Management]

"This was a terrific class. There is really nothing that could be added without taking something away."
James 0'Connor, Tybrin Corp

"I will encourage people in my organization to get this training."
James 0'Connor, Tybrin Corp

"Instructor is an excellent presenter, blending real work experiences with work book/text book definition and scenarios."
Shawn B. Green, Vertex Inc

[Establishing a CMM-Compliant Measurement Program]

"Very good presentation demeanor, through question answers."

[Free Seminar: Disciplined Software Testing Practices]

"Our team members didn't attend because they thought this would be a �sales gimmick�. They would have benefited tremendously by attending."
Shawn Tanaka, Procard Inc.

"Too good to be free. But it encourages people to attend."

"Very informative and useful."

"Great experience. Lot of information to bring back to my team. Surprised the testing difficulties all testers seem to have are very common."

"Instructor was the funniest I've ever seen him. Really enjoyed that the whole presentation was not geared toward client/server web database testing."

"Listening to instructor is always beneficial. I'm always learning more. Thank you."
Federal Reserve Bank

"Fantastic job. I wish it was a full day seminar so I could get more info."
SPS Commerce

"The Class has much more information than I had expected it to be"

"I enjoyed this seminar more so than other seminars on testing. The reason is that this presenter has experience in the field, rather than someone who is presenting another person's or company's product and has no working knowledge of how it really affects the people involved. I am very interested in attending future seminars and training classes that you have to offer."

"The presentation was very well organized and thorough. I plan on attending more seminars and classes offered by IIST."
Gina Anderson

"Incredibly informative I learned a lot and will definitely take more classes. I am bringing information back for my co-workers to use."

"I think what IIST is doing for the world of software (QA) testers is great. We need to be thought of as a valuable asset to the technical arena, which we actually are."

"Thank you for organizing such a beneficial event! I'll be able to apply most of the methods in my everyday work. According to my test experience, capturing and analyzing the requirements is on e of the most challenging activities in the test engineer's life. The methods provided in this seminar will improve the communications between business, software engineers and test engineers, and will reduce the possibility of wrong interpretation of the project's requirements. All of it leads to minimizing time, resources, and cost for achieving the desired quality product."
Latinka Braianova

"I felt that the presentation/seminar did a great job of dealing with what really happens in software development and support projects."
Thomas Berry

"The seminar was excellent, it was very comprehensive. Thank you!"

"A top-notch lecturer. A good coverage of an important topic. Thank you!"
Jerrold Landau

"Very knowledgeable and credible speaker."

"Good overview and topics presented. Wish we had more time!"

"It is always enjoyable to see a learned person passionate about educating. Dr. Hanna, you care about the industry & what we do as testers. Your goal is to increase the quality of testers and thereby increase the image of the testing industry. I enjoyed the presentation and will take value from it back to my company."

"Like the ideas for the Impact Analysis and the Process Metrics suggestions."

"You pointed out that to be a tester, one must not only be intelligent; but educated. Two very good points"

[How to Choose a Testing Tool]

"This presentation provided much information which could be applied to several other areas as well! Lots of practical information!!! So well organized - very easy to follow."
Holly Reed

"Instructor did a very good job presenting the material. She was an informative and entertaining speaker."

[How to Implement Test Automation]

"Great course! For a 2 day class, I feel that amount of material and the content were appropriate. This was an excellent introduction to the topic of test automation and a general "how to" to get started."

"I appreciated your depth of knowledge and ability to field questions then come back quickly to the course content without getting side-tracked. Thanks for providing a useful seminar to all levels of testing professionals."

"The instructor was very entertaining and informative, a really great speaker."

"The instructor is an excellent speaker. She is very knowledgeable in this area of expertise and very accommodating in helping students to understand the good & bad of automated testing."

[Improving Software Quality with Inspections and Reviews]

"The instructor understands what she teaches and she makes the class fun."

"Very good session with a good mix of visual and audience participation."

"Instructor was very good at delivering the material and keeping things moving. Very good speaker. Knowledgeable of the material. I believe I will be able to go back and utilize some of what I learned right away."

[Integrating Exploratory Testing into a Disciplined Test Design Process]

"The training was an excellent opportunity for us to enhance our skills and learn other testing methods."

"I definitely believe that each one of us in training learned a few valuable techniques that opened our eyes for becoming a better tester. The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable about the subjects."

"I highly recommend offering this training, at least, the Exploratory Testing portion, to other testing groups in our company - the benefits are far beyond the money spent.  I also recommend extending exploratory testing training to two days to take full advantage of the course."

[Introduction to Process Definition]

"Good course. I will try techniques in our process group."

"This is just what I needed!"

[Leading Culture Change in Software Organizations]

"Very interesting presentation. It's short but I'll buy the book."

"Instructor could lead culture change anywhere."
Jim O'Connor

"It was obvious that instructor had personal experience in this arena."

[Managing and Measuring Functional Requirements]

"This was a great class, it met all my expectations."
Jim O Connor

[Managing the Software Testing Process]

"Excellent Speaker! It's rare that I find someone who is both knowledgeable and presents well."
Joe Wilson

"The instructor was obviously very knowledgeable in the subject and she has an amazing ability to keep our attention with her past experiences."

"This is an excellent instructor. The material covered in this course will help me immensely in my position on the test team."

"Very Enjoyable instructor. The class was never boring and the interchange between the class and the instructor was excellent. The subject matter was covered thoroughly and I am sure it will stick with me throughout the rest of my testing experiences."
William David Oldaker

"Very informative - Good examples - Helpful suggestions - Thank you!"

"The instructor was very informative and I enjoyed attending the class. Class material excellent - A great deal of detail."
John Stefanelli, Jr.

"I liked the way the instructor interjected "real world" examples and humorous stories into the material. She made the material interesting and fun."

"This was an excellent tutorial. Very informative and the instructor was very knowledgeable! I would recommend this highly!

"This was an exceptional instructor. She kept the class moving and entertaining."

"Good and Informative! Will definitely use some of this material in my lead position! Thanks!!!"

"Excellent seminar - both materials and instructor. Thank you!"

"I have been in IT management for approximately 10 years, but QA for only the last 1 1/2 years. Most of what we discussed hit right at home, and I will take some tips back to the office. Thank you!"
Bruce Stensland

"This instructor was absolutely excellent! Her experience in the field was invaluable to the class. I learned a lot and feel that my company's expense was very well worth what I will bring back to our organization."
Maree Rona

"Very useful - I will be able to put much of the course content to immediate use. Thank you."

"Instructor had good knowledge & experience that he was able to share."

"Well organized course. Topics appropriate for a QA/QC manager and instructor knew the topic cold. Well done job."

"Excellent course. This is the best (most useful) course I have attended with this organization or your competition."

"Instructor was very good. Stayed on schedule - good time keeping. Kept the material interesting. Had excellent grasp of material and topics in general. Spent just the right amount of time on material and questions. Addressed all without belaboring the point."

"This was an excellent instructor, she covered the material in detail with her personal experience that could be related to a day to day working environment. On a scale of 1-10, a 10+"

"Super presentation! Well organized, pacing was good, and anecdotes enhanced the learning experience. Well done!!"

"This is an outstanding presenter - kept class focused and on track. Best teacher around!"

"The instructor was very effective - she has great presentation skills and her information and life experience was extremely helpful and educational."

"This was an effective speaker with good "real world" experiences. She kept my interest!"

"Excellent instruction, enthusiastic. Made the experience worthwhile. Good examples to illustrate points."

"This is an excellent speaker , she is a good teacher and has a funny sense of humor. Enjoyed!"

"Had no expectations coming into this course, but after attending, I feel I gained a lot of insight on the best way to conduct a QA test in addition to staffing issues and the management there of."

"Good course. A lot of information about where we should be directing ourselves in our organization."
Kurt Herzberg

"Found this to be an excellent opportunity to receive valuable information on the development tools to create and manage test plans and cases. Most appreciative for the experience."

"I enjoyed the class. The instructor was very good and kept the class interesting. I was glad to have the opportunity to share testing of software concerns and problems with my fellow employees. Also learning new techniques for effective testing was a benefit."
Eileen Jacques

"Excellent class and instructor - I would recommend it to all software testers!"
N. Wayne Hoehne

"This instructor knew his subject and presented it in a clear and concise way. This was an informative and enjoyable class."
Floyd Dooley

"Excellent course. Well structured and presentation "hit" key elements necessary to turn around the thoughts of "some" of the developers in the class."
Charles Brachertt

[Managing the Software Testing Process: People & Politics]

"Effective, dynamic, knowledgeable, intuitive instructor - enjoyed thoroughly."

"Very Excellent coverage. Very topical. I have learned some powerful skills."

"I found this course very helpful. Thanks!"
Julie Smutny

[Managing the Software Testing Process: Tools & Techniques]

"The instructor presented the presentation very well & especially very entertaining. Full of energy"
Lori Nguyen

"Excellent course, very well taught. Lots of class interaction with real world examples."

[Practical Techniques for Software Quality Assurance]

"Great examples! Good job using company specific information! Really helped me because I am still very new! I like how we reviewed before the exam!"
Erica Hasman

"This information is valuable for system engineers, developers, and customers as well as testers. Presentation of material was excellent!"
Jim Lacasse

"Thanks, Great Job. If only our customers took this course!"
Doug Daniels

"Good attention to matching materials to mix of people in the class. Good examples, good response to student questions and comments."
Denny Thurman

"Excellent course, very informative, presented well. The instructor had an excellent presentation manner and is extremely knowledgeable on the course material."
Andrew Stadler

"Very good class today. Very informative and will bring on site when I go back to my company on how processes should work."

"The instructor was magnificent!! Very articulate, very robust background to address a wide range of questions. Very customer satisfaction oriented. The absolute best!!"
Maree Rona

"I always walk away with a list of great ideas to implement at my company after a seminar led by this instructor."
Amy Brunner

"Very interesting class, opens up a lot of possibilities for our shop."
Mary Tyndal

"Very thorough instruction. This instructor is a joy to set and listen to all day. He represents a broad background and brings every day business scenarios into the material to make it easier to understand."

[Principles of Software Test Automation]

"I especially liked the quality of the class...that it did not try to sell any one product, or even one process. It gave quality information to help make informed decisions."
Cameron Robb

"I enjoyed this instructor. He was very knowledgeable and passed it on to our class. he was very helpful and polite. He answered or helped me out with every question I have."
Andy Grabeustetter

[Principles of Software Testing]

"Very useful and effective material was covered in this class. I've learned a lot of new information which I will apply at my workplace. Thank you!"

"It is evident that the professor has a great deal of experience in the industry which lent a good deal to his credibility and conviction of what he teaches. The material will be most useful."

"This instructor is excellent. They have good examples for questions asked. Makes me wish I was taking more classes this week."

"Fantastic Course. I will recommend it to my peers in the industry!"
Jose O. Maldnado

"I wish my boss would have come to this, managers can not afford to miss this class."
Luis Rodriguez

"Kudos to the instructor on their delivery of the class. Thank you for new insight and ability to deliver better software testing!"
Terry Taylor Gaona

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class and will definitely make a recommendation to my boss for additional attendees. Excellent Course!"
Bryan Carrell

"Excellent. Very informational and thorough. Good summarization at the end."

"This class introduced new testing processes that will make our companies current processes more effective."

"Excellent! Very good general coverage of software testing."
Vanessa Hubbard

"This instructor presented the class material extremely well. The instructor is superbly knowledgeable and very articulate. I would recommend this course to all testers, and especially to programmers, a way for them to learn what testers do."

"All QA professionals should, in their learning, take this course."
Kim Gariepy

"This instructor was tuned in to his audience and knew when he would start "losing" people and knew when to either break or draw them back in. Very informative and could relate to a lot of the real world examples."
Jill Bendelow

"I was highly pleased and am going to recommend that everyone in my organization think about taking this course."
Jason Hill

"I enjoyed this class and obtained a lot of excellent information that will enhance our testing processes."
Julie Smutny

"I enjoyed this class and felt it was an excellent overview for many topics. I think the class covered all topics with good detail."
Deane Venn

"Great class! Great Instructor!! Very informative and covered many topic that will be very helpful to testers as well as developers."
Wilma Bethea

"Very good seminar. I will recommend to others."
Jarod Martin

"I enjoyed this course. I would strongly recommend this to my co-workers & other person in this field."

"The instructor was great. The class was very informative & useful in terms of practical applications. I could use at work. I am looking forward to taking more classes with IIST."
Gizella Opperman

"This instructor really has a handle on how the world of testers and developers work. Thank you for voicing concerns that testers are talking to management about."
Tammy Sarlins

"I got many ideas to improve our testing process to bring back to our system test group and to the project manager."
Louise Zemlicka

[Programming and Database Concepts for Testing and QA Professionals]

"Awesome instructor! She's quite motivational."
Wiltel Communications

[Requirements Based Testing]

"The course was excellent! The instructor gave clear, easy to follow instruction. He was very knowledgeable and demonstrated a great deal of experience in the SD field. The instructor was excellent!"

"The training was very informative and the instructor is a delight as a teacher."

"Very skilled and knowledgeable instructor! Clear presentation and a wealth of details, useful suggestions to improve company practices."

"Instructor delivered the subject matter really well. He explained and touched on issues that were relevant to the situations in our business."

"The instructor was very efficient in teaching all material but emphasizing those aspects or details that apply to our real life testing environments. Instructor is engaging and interesting in teaching the material."

"Complex topics were presented in a concise and understandable manner. Learned a great deal! Thank you, this was an excellent instructor"

"I gained a lot more from the class than I expected."

"Very helpful tools to use with development and customers. Interesting experiences shared by instructor."

"Material delivered was very informative and helpful for future testing. Good suggestions."

"The course was excellent! The instructor gave clear, easy to follow instruction. He was very knowledgeable and demonstrated a great deal of experience in the field. The instructor was excellent!"
N. Correali

"The training was very informative and the instructor is a delight."

"The instructor is very knowledgeable in this topic and very pleasant."
J. Ramirez

"I like the flexibility of the instructor & his desire to relate the material to our company's product (applications). The instructor is very clear & answers all questions clearly."

"Opened my eyes to new ideas about the testing effort here. I can't wait to try some of the methods presented."

[Requirements Management with Use Cases]

"Excellent presenter - keeps us interested. Enjoyable class. I would recommend this to anyone!"

"This instructor is an excellent speaker, very knowledgeable and keeps everyone on the ball and thinking. He brings fun into it with his stories."

[Risk-Based Testing]

"This is great stuff! I hope to be able to implement it right away in my areas."

[Risk-Based Testing: How to Identify and Select the Most Important Tests]

"I really like the instructor! Very smart & experienced good blend of academic & professionals. Appreciate the tools she showed."

"Liked the live spreadsheets, and web page examples. It's nice to see something that is actually used."

"Great instructor made all the difference."

[Software Inspections and Reviews for QA Professionals]

"Great Class! Class content was right on! Pace of class was perfect. Instructor has an ability to dynamically tailor the course to meet the needs of the class on a continuous basis, which is a skill that not many instructors possess."
Keith Wallace

"The instructor is very good at conveying a critical thinking approach to QA and models professionalism."
Don Deutsch

"My company has recently started inspections. It was very useful to hear about things I am doing correctly, and things I need to improve."

"Very good! High energy, kept me going."

"Great presentation, interactive and dynamic!"
Sussie Gunn

"Thank you. The interaction and exercises were great."
Julie Smutny

"The in-depth coverage of material was wonderful. The exercises helped to deepen my understanding of the topic. I enjoyed the presenter's sense of humor. She seemed extremely competent."
Sophie Jasson-Holt

"Instructor very good. Enjoyed class. Material can be used at work."
John Stefanelli, Jr.

"Excellent class, please require Managers to attend!!"

"This was a great class. The instructor covered the material in an informative, lovely way. In class exercises were very useful and practical. This is material that I will certainly use at home at my job."
Gizella Opperman

"Very good class."
Kenneth McDuffie

[Software Inspection & Reviews: A Process Oriented Approach]

"The instructor is so knowledgeable on this material. He explains it well. He is very aware of the group's understanding of the material. He understands all questions ahead of him and provides real answers."

[Software Inspections for Testers]

"Outstanding speaker. Information was very easy to grasp because of her teaching technique."
Darlene Troxler

[Software Quality Assurance & Quality Control Methods and Techniques]

"I got a lot of good ideas from the course. I cannot wait to implement them. Thank you."
Ludmila Volkovich, United Healthcare.

[Software Test Automation: Architecture and Implementation]

"Enjoyed this speaker immensely - especially appreciated the "real-world" examples used to illustrate points!"

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and could introduce personal experience. Great sense of humor"

"The instructor did an exceptional job of making sense of the big picture with just the right amount of detail."

"I was very happy with the content of the course. I think it is an excellent cou4rse to have before beginning test automation. I know I didn't realize just how much was involved before I took this class."

"Excellent course! Even though many of us will not be doing automation directly, the concepts presented are still relevant and applicable to manual testing. I got a number of ideas that I will apply in my testing. I really appreciated the practical approach."

"This is an excellent speaker and presenter. What I liked was the fact that she actually tested before and shared her stories."

"I thought that the class gave a very good overview on automation testing. What works and what doesn't. It also helped me to deal with management when relating to where we are in the automation process."

"Instructor was excellent in presenting her thoughts and getting the audience involved with it."
Ananda Rajesh

"The presenter was EXCELLENT. I would definitely come see her present again."

"I found this session exceptional. The instructor is both knowledgeable and a terrific communicator. I would venture to say she could have kept my interest for another whole day on just this subject. Thanks."
Jolene Nerdahl

"This was an awesome speaker. She knew her subject matter well and had the real world experience to back up her claims."

[Software Test Planning & Design]

"Instructor's presentation and knowledge of the curriculum is excellent. Presentation is clear and concise."

"Instructor is very knowledgeable and patient. This is a combination that is hard to find in these types of training session. "

"Best course I have taken, Very well presented."

"Instructor encouraged student particular and interracial, Interesting methods!"

"Excellent class! Instructor is a professional, knowledgeable instructor. He taught to his audience which include developers, testers and functional analysis and learned many new techniques that I will be using. "

"This course is an excellent fit to basic training needs of our command for its progressing plan to implement CMM level 3 certification covers base for requirements and default knowledge for testing required for employee=level understandings in implementing CMM level 3."

"Training was outstanding and all ideas when incorporated will greatly improve site testing capability efficiency."

"I feel this class should be presented to managers of testers along with programmers then may be we would get information needed earlier."

"It would be helpful if management recognized the importance of system testers to implement some of the processes learned in this class. Instructor was very interesting and able to relate other markets to ours."

"You are the best. I look forward to more class time with you it was most helpful."
Cheri McKay, GWHC

"Instructor's enthusiasm shows through in every aspect of his training and makes class very enjoyable."
Louis Fitzhenry, Great West Life

"This was the best course I have ever taken � Especially compared to other software testing classes. I feel that I gained a very good understanding of the overall material presented in the class."
Mindy Holder, GWHC

"I enjoyed the structure of the class. The instructor was explaining concept and delivering information."
Mindy Holder, GWHC

"This course seminar would be highly beneficial to management, developers and requirement-business proponents in order to understand the depth of testing."

"Provides framework and mechanisms for formally capturing the analysis we do. It's helpful that we emphasize how to document and substantiate where the obstacles are instead of whining about not having enough time."

"Good revisable documents, easy to understand/read for team overview on improving my team's QA process."
Gretclien Mayer

"This was great class that will make me much more effective overall. I would love to take all courses offered."

"Most importantly instructor makes all subjects interesting."

"Instructor was very professional and encouraged discussion. He generated a high level of enthusiasm."

"It would be good for our corporation to have a common testing methodology (such as this course offering) just as we have a common project methodology. "

"Excellent. Recommend for anyone associated with testing. Helps bring commonality to language, approach and understanding of the testing process."
Barb Shaver, Wells Fargo Bank

"Excellent Class!! Gave me a way to structure the work I do."

"Excellent material covered. Learned a lot!! Great ideas!!!

"Class is helpful in providing direction on how to approach testing and also gives helpful techniques in writing good test documents."

"This was very good. The instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable."
Anna Louise Poe

"The testing process was presented as a methodology and discipline. The topics provided excellent information to be applied in my workplace."

"The class was very informative and the instructor was very pleasant and capable teacher. I would love to have the opportunity to be a student again."
A. Taylor

"This instructor was extremely explanative! I hope to have the opportunity to take the rest of the courses offered by the Institute!"

"This was an excellent instructor whom gave me a lot of insight on validation planning and design! I hope to take other courses offered by this institute!"

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and made the material interesting."

"This instructor was extremely explanative! I hope to have the opportunity to take the rest of the courses offered by his institute!"

"I learned a lot. I enjoyed the instructor and thought he presented the material in a way to help me understand. We should have more classes from this institution."

"Excellent Course. This instructor is excellent."

"Best class I have had. course material will be useful reference material and class is very applicable to the job."

"As always, I enjoyed this class. I look forward to the next one."
Lisa Schindler

"Another very enjoyable and valuable course. Thanks!"

"I felt the course was very complete and met all the expectations and needs for my group. We are in the process of defining or overall QA process and the use of the material presented in this course will provide excellent guidelines for us to follow."

"Well designed, comprehensive, and informative."

"Very good instructor. He does a good job of explaining the material in an interesting way. His interjections of everyday examples really helps. Also, the way he includes the class as input to his examples and exercises really keeps the class interesting."

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to follow in his discussion of the material."

"Very good presentation of materials. Definitely helped me to identify what I can improve upon for my testing responsibilities. I believe that it also will help us as a group identify the process that we need to develop to perform better testing of our products in the future."

"Great course! I look forward to taking future courses and getting certified. This course was well planned, organized, and taught with great enthusiasm and professionalism."

"The instructor is to be commended for his ability to address questions."

"I loved every minute! Great instructor--Great class!"

"The training class is very well structured. Your knowledge of the industry comes out in your class time. You did a good job adopting your class to what we currently have in place for documentation & process. This is excellent training to identify our strengths and weaknesses."

"This was my only software training. I was very impressed with the content of this course. I will definitely look forward to finding further courses in the future. I will recommend the QA course to my supervisor."

"I was happy with all the information covered. I will be able to apply 99% of the topics covered in my everyday activities."

"I thought the class was very informational & interesting. It gave me concrete, detailed explanations of how to create test plans, test designs, etc. I definitely see the need for theses documents, although I'm not sure if I can convince management of their necessity. Very interesting to understand the differences between a "tester" and a "Quality Assurance Professional". The instructor is a great instructor, very informative & also kept us entertained with humor. I'm excited about many of the ideas I've learned & anxious to try them, especially decision tables and use cases. I'm looking forward to taking more courses!"
Jodie L. Schau

"I learned a lot and have ideas to bring back to work. Thanks!"
Erin Goblirsch

"I was extremely impressed with the instructors teaching. He really knew the subject and took time to expand on topics the class was interested in. He also knew how to deep the mood light and how to read the attitudes of the class."
Kiera Sosinski

"The instructor was a joy to learn from. He answered all our questions on "our" level - never left anyone still wondering. I learned all I came to learn. He also made me want to attend more classes offered by IIST for more things I want to know. I feel more powerful, more organized, and much smarter & confident from this class. Thank you!"
Connie Vincent

"I am transitioning into the test organization and this class was very helpful and informative."

"I feel as if I am leaving this seminar with most of the tools necessary to write an effective test plan, and design test cases."
Corey Papastathis

"It opened my eyes on the overall testing process. It will help me be much more organized and improve my documentation dramatically!"
Dukhyun Cho

"Very valuable class in learning the proper techniques creating a better solution for testing software!"

"Excellent course. I cannot wait to complete the next four!."

"Course was good. I learned specifically about test design spec’s. This is something we are not using in our company and I would like to implement.!”
Annette Ash


[Software Testing Fundamentals and Best Practices]

"I have some background in testing, so I didn't expected a course on fundamentals to be that useful. I expected it to be a ticket to be punched on the way to certification. However, I am now looking forward to using scenario definition and validation techniques on my next project."
Jeffrey Weir - CAE

[Tailoring Software Metrics to Meet Your Information Needs]

"Really well done overall! Drew together a lot of information I had but hadn't synthesized yet. Very timely for me as I am now involved in a metrics effort at work."
Randy Miller

"Great! The instructor made it very useful by having us go through the exercises."
Kim Knuth

[Test Design Based on Use Cases]

"This was a very informative class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided sufficient time for questions. Good tips to try."

[Test Planning Workshop]

"Instructor has a fun and relaxed approach to her presentations. She does a great job incorporating her variety of experiences with the lesson and with humor. Great Job!"
Wiltel Communications

[Testing in Agile and Extreme Projects]

"The instructor was top notch."

[Testing Web and eBusiness Applications]

"Great class! I learned a lot of new ideas, suggestions to take back and implement!"

"Instructor did an excellent job of covering the course materials and sharing �real world� scenarios."

"The instructor was excellent."

"I learned lot of non expected things that will be really useful. Thanks."

"Great Course! Very interesting and informative."

"Great Class - very useful & informative - Not a lot of marketing fluff like I have seen in other classes. Excellent!"

"The overall course was good and very helpful. After this course I gained the confidence that I can be the best web tester if I follow this book."

"Excellent 2-day class. The instructor is knowledgeable, current and brings real life experience to the students. A good mix of how the internet operates and how the web pages will interact with each other and how to test. I hope I have an opportunity to attend more of this instructor's classes."
William E. Cohe

"Instructor did an outstanding job. Very knowledgeable. Presented the subject in a clear and concise way."
Floyd W. Dooley

"Instructor is an excellent presenter. Knowledge level is outstanding."
Alvin B. Pulley

"Excellent class & instructor *****"
N. Wayne Hoehne

[Testing Object-Oriented Applications for QA Professionals]

"Very informative and knowledgeable. Good speed, very detailed graphs and explanations outside just the text book. Great real-world examples."
Jennifer Hall

"I thought the class was excellent! I now understand topics that I saw in a Rational course that was 3 days long that I didn't understand."
Keith Wallace

"The class was a great benefit. This class forced me to analyze my direction of system test approach, and re-focus my direction."

"The instructor is well versed in software technology. The material is extremely informative and well structured. My appreciation goes out to the instructor and IIST for job well done."

"The instructor is an excellent instructor that provide multi-level training to multi-source people. I have enjoyed this course and would recommend it to all my colleagues."

"Excellent course and well presented. This was a great introductory course."

[User Acceptance Testing]

"Great interactive exercises!"

"The instructor was wonderful. He presented the material using many real world examples. He kept the class moving. The in class exercises reinforced the materials taught."

"Extremely well done! The instructor far exceeded my expectations and has impressed me."

"Instructor very well versed in testing issues and proper techniques to test."

"Very good instructor. Easily got class participation and involvement."

[Writing Test Plans]

"Great class! I learned a lot of details. Sample test cases can be used to apply in my job."

[Writing Testable Requirements]

"The instructor has an extreme background in this field, is a great instructor, and provides good detail. I felt my current knowledge base increased as a result. I recommend this class to others in our field.